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The St Helena Association UK Constitution

1. Name: The recognised name of the Association shall be for all purposes, The ST. HELENA ASSOCIATION (UK) shall be established for the benefit of all St. Helenians and their families domiciled within the United Kingdom. 

2. Objects: The objects of the Association shall be: 

(a) Primarily to foster a spirit of unity and the social welfare of its community and friends by: 

(i) Organising sporting and athletic functions, and arranging cultural activities for its members and friends. 

(ii) Organising dances and social functions. 

(iii) Assisting members when in difficulty and support of St.Helena Charities; subject to approval by the committee. 

(b) Secondly to awaken public interest in theirs and other St. Helenians on the island of St. Helena in their inalienable right to enjoy those freedoms guaranteed to them by the United Nations Charter of Human Rights; to which Great Britain is a signatory, And to oppose by all democratic means within the Association's power all and every despotic, bureaucratic, restrictive and repressive measure, either encroaching upon or endangering in any way of the freedom we have a right by law to enjoy. 

3. Membership: Membership is to be open to all St. Helenians, both male and female; over the age of 18 years, and such associate members are regarded by the committee of the said Association as friends and relatives. All members are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The Term St. Helenians is herewith defined as "Citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies born on the Island of St. Helena; or one whose parent or parents were born in St. Helena; and the husband/wife and children of such persons. 

4. Misbehaviour/disqualification: The duly elected committee shall have the right to disqualify any member of the Association including relatives for any conduct and/or misbehaviour which reflects on the Association as a whole, or which is offensive to members, guests and/or friends at any function being staged or organised for or on behalf of the Association. Anyone so disqualified by the committee and wishes to appeal may do so at the A.G.M., having first given reasonable notice in writing to the Secretary. 

5. Subscription: Membership of the Association shall be free, i.e. there is no annual subscription fee. 

6. Appointments: All Officers of the Association who are elected at the annual general meeting of the Association shall hold office for a minimum period of three years. All committee members duly elected will serve for a period of twelve months and shall automatically resign at the end of this period and then be allowed to stand for re-election. 

7. Meetings: The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held in the month of May. Notice of the date shall be announced at association functions well in advance. Notice of business to be conducted at the A.G.M. should not be less than 21 days to members. 

The committee shall meet as frequently as possible, dates if possible will be announced at the A.G.M. A committee member may call a special meeting of the committee through the secretary stating the matter to be discussed, giving at least fourteen days notice. 

Decisions at all meetings shall be by a majority and in the event of equality of voting the Chairman shall have a casting vote. 

No business of the Association shall be transacted unless at least two-thirds of the whole committee are present at any committee meeting or specially convened committee meeting. If at the expiration of fifteen minutes after such time fixed for a set meeting, a quorum of members shall not be present then a meeting shall not be held and the Association secretary or an officer standing in for the secretary shall record in the minutes of the failure of the meeting and the names of those officers and committee members in attendance at the set and agreed time. 

Apologies for absence should be in writing and sent to the secretary. 

8. Function of The Committee: These will in general be to conduct the administration and management of the association within the overall policy laid down by 

members at the Annual General Meeting. The committee may delegate to sub-committees which must include two members of the association committee such matters as organising a dance or a sporting function. The proceedings of any such discussion and decision(s) of a

sub-committee shall be duly noted in the minutes of any such meeting and laid before the full committee at its next meeting. 

9. Officers of The Committee: The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and Press Officer. The function of the officers is to their titles. 

10. Funds: Association funds shall consist of all monies raised by activities organised by the association devoted to the purpose of increasing funds after payment of administration and running costs; all contributions by its members or any donations given by individuals or organisations. All monies shall be deposited with the association's bankers by the Hon. Treasurer. 

All cheques paid by the Association must bear the signature of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman AND the duly appointed Treasurer. 

The committee shall, out of the funds of the Association, pay all proper expenses of administration and management of its objects. 

As approved by the committee, officers of the association may hold a Petty Cash float of not more than £30.00 to pay for such items as postage and stationery when used for the association business. 

11. Accounts: The Association's financial year will be from 1st April to 31st March the following year. All financial accounts relating to the Association shall be presented in detail to members at the Annual General Meeting in May. Provision for the auditing of accounts should be made by the committee after 31st March and before presenting to members. 

12. Venue for Meetings: The Association does not own any property as such and all activities relating to the running of the Association including committee meetings are to be held in private properties or rented premises, i.e. the homes of committee members or at the venue of Association functions. 

13. Amendments: The set constitution of the Association may only be altered or amended at an Annual General Meeting, and for the amendment to carry there must be at least a two thirds majority from its members present. 

14. Dissolution: The Association will cease to exist only when it ceases to function as such, this decision is left to those then in authority together with its members. All available funds after payment of all outstanding debts and liabilities must be used for charitable purposes. This decision on funds together with all books and records of the Association shall also be left to the discretion of those officers and members of the committee in office at the time.

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