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About Us

The St. Helena Association UK is a registered charity that hosts fundraising events across the UK to unite the St Helenian community for a common cause. The funds raised from these gatherings are dedicated to supporting vital community projects and worthy causes on St. Helena, directly enhancing the lives of its residents.

Our Mission

At the core of the St. Helena Association UK lies a simple but profound mission: to provide unwavering support to our fellow St. Helenians, whether they reside in the UK or back home on the island. We stand ready to assist those facing challenges and to unite our community in solidarity and strength. Whether it's lending financial assistance to those in need or organizing events that celebrate our shared heritage, our association is dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and support among all members of our community.

How Do We Support Saints?

The St Helena Association UK actively supports St Helenians through a clear process. 

● We keep regular communication with authorities and key individuals on St Helena Island to identify charities and individuals who require assistance. 

● Charities on St Helena frequently reach out to us directly, requesting support for their causes or specific needs. 

● Our committee carefully reviews and discusses each request for aid, allowing us to gain a clear understanding of the various challenges faced on St Helena. 

● After thorough discussion, we allocate financial resources from our event proceeds to the selected charities, ensuring they receive the necessary support. 

● In cases where charities need specific physical items, such as equipment or furniture, we aim to fulfill these requests to directly benefit those in need.

● We commit to making consistent and regular donations to a diverse range of charities, ensuring equitable distribution of our support. 

● By considering the geographical spread of charities on St Helena, we ensure that our assistance reaches residents in different districts, benefiting the entire island community as a whole.



“ I write on behalf of the Cancer Support & Awareness Charity, St Helena, to thank the St Helena Association UK for their most generous donation of £200 to this charity and to say it has been gratefully received. All the support we get from people like yourselves, greatly enable us to continue supporting the ever growing number of cancer patients here on the island who come to us for assistance” 

Wendy Benjamin (St Helena Cancer Support & Awareness Charity)

Meet The Committee

As a charity, we are powered by a dedicated team of trustees, each passionately committed to upholding our mission. If you share our passion and want to join us in making a difference, we welcome you to reach out and get involved. Together, we can strengthen our impact and create positive change for our community.

Trevor Toms

Patrick Harris  

Charmaine Peters -Benjamin  Treasurer

Vilma Clingham - Toms Secretary

James Miller 
Press Officer

Bruce Reboul 
Committee Member

Nick Thomas 
Committee Member

Patricia Stacey
Committee Member

Wendy Clifford
Committee Member

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