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St Helena Dances

Welcome to the heart of St Helena's vibrant culture with our fundraising dances! These events are not just a fun night out; they're a way to celebrate our rich heritage and support noble causes. Our dances are more than just gatherings; they are a lively showcase of the St Helenian spirit, perfect for family and friends of all ages.

Why You Should Come To Our Dances?

● Family-Friendly Fun: Our dances are safe, enjoyable, and suitable for all ages, making them the perfect family outing. 

● Diverse Music Playlist: From classic St Helenian country to the latest floor, our expert DJs ensure there's something for everyone. 

● Cultural Celebration: Experience the rich heritage of St Helena through our music and dance. 

● Community Connection: Meet new people, make friends, make memories and be part of our beloved community.


Make Your Night Count

Coming to our dance is not just about having fun (of which we can guarantee plenty); it's about contributing to a meaningful cause.


The funds raised go towards supporting various charities and initiatives on St Helena, helping to improve the lives of many. Your participation makes a significant impact.

Book Your Tickets Now!

Booking Section

Are you ready to be swept away by the rhythm of St Helena? Visit our online ticket office today and secure your spot at our next dance event.


Whether you're coming solo, with a partner, or with the family, there's a place for you on our dance floor.

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